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Kellogg Idaho Bunker Hill Sonic Metallurgy

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"Sonic Metallurgy"  999+ Fine Sound

Sonic, of or relating to sound waves (or the speed of sound).

Metallurgy, the science and technology of metals, including the extraction of metals from ores, the preparation of metals for use, and the study of the relationship between structures and properties of metals.
The Bunker Hill Company produced Silver that was 999+ fine hence the meaning behind my slogan.
Sonic Metallurgy Members
Jim Larson- Guitars, Harmonicas, Voice, Radio Shack Keyboard,  BOSS DR670 Rhythm Machine, Acid 2.0 and Audicity Digital Mixing Programs.
Former resident Kellogg, Idaho

Please note: As a painter will create rough sketches of his ideas and concepts so as it is with these audio files. It's a work in progress, a labor of love that I truely enjoy and I hope you will enjoy as well.
Please  e-mail me at the address below with your comments.

Musical Influences etc...

I am influenced by all kinds of music throughout my life, from AC/DC to Frank Zappa.
This venture is influenced by my upbringing in the Silver Valley Mining District of Northern Idaho and Kellogg, Idaho former site of the Bunker Hill Mining Company where my father worked for over 20 years.
Sonic Metallurgy was originally called E=MC Groove which isn't a bad name either.

How this project came to be?

<DIV>About 3 years ago, I was ready to sell my equipment and call it quits.
I was so frustrated and got really depressed and started beating up on my
self. It was bad. Well I put down the guitar and in a Zen sort of way said, "I
am going to wait for the guitar to pick me up". OOOooooooMMMmmm, "Can't you
hear the Tibetan Bells Ringing out side the bun Grasshopper?"

Something did happen eventually. I was listening to alot of new age, meditation music. I tuned my MusicMatch station to meditation playing lots of Ravi Shankar. I tuned my Stratacaster to his sitar,
Oh now you going to start saying; George Harrison came to you in a dream and
taught you now?

LOL!! Sorry long day in the sun.

I played with that. I had gotten so tired of the same three chords and the
same major and minor runs and the same old this and that. blah blah that I
was already starting to tune my guitar weird any way just to force my self
think to play "out of the fairway and into the rough".

Ok if you are still reading this thank you. and by now you are saying ok
Jimmy is this going any where?? My macaroni and cheese dinner is waiting for


So any way I did start to play a little on my acoustic again then the strings were so worn out I just had to change them so I did. Ok here is where the plot takes another turn.
I was in a trance at
the time I must have been cause I started to string it and tune the strings
kinda weird and then I accidentally put the wrong strings in the wrong
slots, tuned high where it supposed to be low,


They got mixed up and then I tuned it so it sounded like a
totally Joni Mitchell- Suzi Katz chord and WOW!
The results can be heard here on the song titles;

Shoshone Snowfall
Harley Thunder
Lead Poisioning

Found on the page links of this site.

Thank you for reading this and thank you in advance for listening to my
new "sound" and NEW direction in my music adventure!


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What does the future hold for this project?

My ultimate vision would be to expand on the concepts then record tracks suitable for marketing.

As far as future compositions?

I have several ideas. One that still is birthing is a Track honoring the lives lost during the Sunshine Mining Disaster May 2,1972 when a fire of unknown origin caused the loss of 91 underground employees and the epic story that unfolded during that time.

Please feel free to email with your comments and ideas.


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Sonic Metallurgy music composed by Jim Larson former resident of Kellogg, Idaho