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Kellogg Idaho Bunker Hill Sonic Metallurgy

Enter the Smelter Refine Your Mind

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This is not at Bunker Hill having trouble finding one

The following was originally titled "Climbing Mount Olympus" however, it now has been re-named "Blast Furnace".
It was created with Acid DJ 2.0 digital mixing program with various harmonica sound loops ran through a BOSS effects pedals plus some other editing effects.
Like I said earlier, after I bought the program I went totally "manic" for about two days.

Listen to Blast Furnace

Download these and use the "Repeat Play" feature on your player to let the lead sink you way down! Visualizations look totally awesome too!

Listen to Thursdays Hangover

Hard living and hard working leads of course to hard playing. Need I say more? Next is a track I call Harley Thunder. Lots of Hogs and other bikes used to be parked in front of those old Saloons, Bars and Cat Houses. At the end just before the thunder claps you can hear a Harley rumbling in the distance. All done quite by accident and at the foolishness of placing my microphone and stand out the window during a thunderstorm. No guts no glory eh?

Listen to Harley Thunder

Biker Gangs Would Appear Every Summer
Hells Angels Photo

Evel Knievel would come every summer too!


Sonic Metallurgy music composed by Jim Larson former resident of Kellogg, Idaho