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Kellogg Idaho Bunker Hill Sonic Metallurgy

TheTailing Pond

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The photo and the caption pretty much describes the irony of it all doesn't it? I dont know the exact date of the photo. They built a smaller tailing pond later on in the dark space in front of the house later on. We used to play around the sluce and were told never to go down there. We did. Then we got caught and got our hind ends beat off! Someone came up with the bright idea of using the 55 gal drum lids that were around to use as stepping stones. We got out quite a ways though! The house at the right hand corner of the page was 2217 McKinnely Ave. where I grew up from 1958 until 1968 when we then moved to Spokane, WA. Dead Man's Corner is pictured there in ths middle part of the picture. Another story to tell.


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Listen to Lead Poisoning 2meg mp3

This is just an example of what can happen when you mix a Bi-Polar person with a drum machine and a guitar. It's just a loose long jam. Here and there are some good parts.


Sonic Metallurgy music composed by Jim Larson former resident of Kellogg, Idaho